Album Cover Art Photoshop Tutorial


Designing album cover art using Photoshop can be an enjoyable and imaginative experience. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to lead you through the fundamental stages of crafting an album cover.

It’s important to note that this serves as a general guide, and you have the flexibility to personalize it according to your individual preferences and the musical genre.

Stock Images & Fonts:

Man with headphones

Strayy Night Sky

Album Cover Art Video Tutorial


In conclusion, designing album cover art in Photoshop is a dynamic and creative process that involves a combination of visual elements, typography, and artistic flair. Through this tutorial, we’ve covered the fundamental steps, from setting up your document to finalizing your design. Remember to consider the specific requirements of the platform for which you are creating the album cover, whether it’s for online streaming services or print.

I trust you found the video both informative and enjoyable. Experiment with various images to achieve distinct results. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay informed about upcoming tutorials. Subscribing guarantees you won’t miss any future lessons. 🙂