How to Make Glow Effect in Photoshop (FAST & EASY)

In today’s I’ll show you how to make a glow effect in Photoshop.

This effect creates a visible aura or halo around an object or text in an image. It can be applied to any layer and is usually used to add emphasis or emphasis to certain elements in an image.

The Glow effect can be customized by adjusting the color, size, and spread of the glow, as well as the blending mode used to combine it with the underlying layer.

I’ll be using Photoshop 2023 for this video, but any current version should do.

Stock Images:

Women picture

How to Make Glow Effect in Photoshop Video Tutorial

I hope you found this tutorial to be both educational and enjoyable.

Experiment with your own photos to see what you can come up with!

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